Meet the Owners of Natural Forces Massage

Timothy and Mckenna Turnbow

Are You Looking For A Highly trained Massage Therapist in the Atascocita, Humble, Kingwood, Texas area?

 A massage therapist that specializes in pain relief and various injury types? Here at Natural Forces Massage in Atascocita we have highly trained and experienced massage therapist.

A little bit about us:

As Christ followers, the owners Timothy and McKenna Turnbow wanted to open Natural Forces Massage in Atascocita/Humble, Texas as a Christian based company. One that genuinely loves and cares about people! With the primary focus being on therapeutic massage for pain relief and injury prevention. Check out our (Highly Trained Massage Therapy) page to see the main details that separate Natural Forces Massage from the competition.

Personable and loving!

It is their priority for everyone to feel comfortable and at home. Please take a look at our massage therapy clinic in Atascocita on the photos page. Our staff loves helping clients have a place to ease pain and relieve stress with a great massage. Or check out the massage therapist team page to learn all about our therapist.

More about Tim and Mckenna Turnbow:

Timothy and McKenna opened Natural Forces Massage in May of 2018. They have a son named Dante and a daughter named Amelia. McKenna does all the back end work for Natural Forces Massage. Ranging from taxes, payroll, and helps in human resources for the company. On top of all that, Mckenna works at Gallagher insurance.

Our Services:

Here at Natural Forces Massage in Atascocita we offer a variety of services: these range from Trigger point therapy, Deep tissue massage, Prenatal Massage, Cupping Therapy, Hot Stone Massage, Sports Massage, mobility/stability training and much more. The links are at the bottom of this page. Tim makes sure that each of the massage therapist that works here knows these techniques as well. Tim has worked at a variety of massage therapy chains which intern gave him experience on how to best run a massage therapy clinic. He worked at N8 touch, Massage Heights, and Massage Envy.

The Mission:

Tim wanted to make sure Natural Forces Massage in Atascocita was unique. At a lot of massage therapy places the massage therapist view each other as competition. Where as here at Natural Forces Massage, our massage therapist team work together to help clients with pain management, injury prevention, and stress relief. What this means is our massage therapist help each other be the best they can be for their clients. Our massage therapist freely communicate with each other. Sharing massage techniques, tips, and more.

How Can Massage Therapy Help Me?

Massage therapy can help a variety of different types of injuries. Some of which include: Herniated disc, Sciatica, Bulging disc, Frozen shoulder, Arthritis ,Mobility issues, Muscle/Nerve pain and much much more. Just make sure you are seeing a highly trained massage therapist!

We are on Social Media!

If you would like to learn more about us check us out on social media. Natural Forces Massage is on a variety of platforms. On our You Tube channel you will see various massage techniques, stretching tips, mobility and stability exercises, and more. Please check it out and dont forget to subscribe. Check out our Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest to see updated news and pictures of our massage clinic. We primarily engage our audience on our Facebook page.

Is Massage Therapy Good For Chronic Pain?

Did you know massage therapy can help chronic pain in many ways. Check out this blog for details.

Is Massage Therapy Expensive?

Here at Natural Forces Massage we wont break your bank! Our prices are very affordable and reasonable. Check out our prices page and you will see all our amazing prices options and massage deals. Ranging from massage packages, monthly loyalty program, referral discounts and more. Remember self care is not selfish.

Here at Natural Forces Massage in Atascocita/Humble, Texas we do our best to balance making everyone feel safe. For a detailed view of our Covid guidelines, check out our Covid 19 Protocols page. After which if you are concerned please reach out to the Owner Tim directly at

Are you ready to make contact with us?

  There are many ways you can contact our business. Or if its easier you can book online. We even have an app called Achieve by Wellness Living. Its on both iPhone and Android! Check out our contact us page and see all the ways you can reach us! Have a great day! We look forward to hearing from you.


5510 Atascocita Road