La Bodega believes that healthy and locally sourced groceries should be accessible in every neighborhood across the city. By partnering with local sustainable farmers and up-and-coming chefs, it provides a community-supported farm to your table ecosystem. Whether you’re looking for fresh seasonal ingredients or Latin American inspired meals-to-go, La Bodega is ready to serve.

Owners Ken and Jeannette Katz were brought together by a passion for food and culture. In 2012, they opened Buenos Dias Cafe in downtown Atlanta. The pair was inspired by the flavors of San Francisco’s melting pot, the accessibility of New York City’s bodegas, the familiarity of small-town Italian shopkeepers and the island flavors found in Miami. Together the couple was determined to bring the culture of community and local food to Atlanta. Along with them, they bring over 40-years of dining and hospitality experience. Selecting their products with care from farmers and vendors with the neighborhood in mind.


680 Murphy Ave SW Bldg 4 Suite 4158, Atlanta, GA 30310